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Jul 11, 2017

Elite Expert Insider Podcast Interview with New York Times Best-Seller Angie Fenimore. " I’ve signed with many prestigious literary agencies and top deal-making agents. Within days of conceiving the idea to write my first book, I signed with my first agent who then sold my story to Bantam Books for six figures within the week. My first book went from a 5-page synopsis to plastering windows and lining shelves in bookstores around the world in four months." Angie is the author of Beyond the Darkness a #1 New York Times Best-seller. Angie Fenimore survived childhood abuse that became the impetus for her involvement in legal change that stiffened penalties for violent sex offenders in Washington State in 1990. She served as the president and co-vice chair of two coalitions. The laws she participated in passing became the model for the rest of the country and changed the legal landscape on a national level.