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May 10, 2021

Melanie Johnson owner of Elite Online Publishing, interviews J. A. Plosker about mindfulness, self discovery, and personal growth.

J. A. Plosker is a coach, trainer, speaker, teacher, author, and entrepreneur. He is also a person who’s experienced intense stress, crushing anxiety, imposter syndrome, and severe self-doubt that almost brought his dreams – and his life – to a halt. In his 25 year long journey of self-discovery and personal growth – and the teachers he has met, the books he has read, and the experiences he has had along the way – that propped him back up, helped him build a strong foundation, and fueled his passion to help others on their journey. He has come to embrace his life as an INFJ and empath, and proudly uses these gifts to connect with others – holding space as their stories unfold.