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Sep 18, 2023

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, Interview Lisa Wise about her captivating story of growing up in challenging circumstances, her early experiences as a relentless entrepreneur, and her transition into the realm of property management with a unique and compassionate approach.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • How to foster an inclusive workplace.
  • How to align your business with core values.
  • How to become an influential leader.


"When you're not thinking about creative consumption and creative procurement, that's a very practical and tangible way of saying, can I do good and save money at the same time and time you can, there are so many ways of looking at things that can impact your business favorably and impact the world favorably." (07:42)

"You can get places faster by being curious yourself about who's done things well and reteach yourself how to lead in a way that makes sense and feels fulfilling to you and to the people you're leading and a well led organization will always be more attractive." (14:10)

"So that diversity, authentic diversity, where you have. Young people, older people from different kinds of backgrounds. It really does break down those binary assumptions that we make about each other and feeling like you're boxed in." (19:45)

About Lisa Wise:

Lisa is the founder + chief strategist of flock dc, a family of real estate management companies in Washington, D.C. flock is a purpose-driven, values-based company that offers a new model for business in a world that will increasingly depend on companies to contribute to stronger and more sustainable communities.

Lisa’s passion for the hands-on work of “landladying” took shape 25 years ago when she purchased a little historic adobe duplex in Tucson, Arizona. Property management had always been her side hustle, but in 2008, landladying for a living started to sound good, so she gave up her nonprofit political work knowing she could deliver real managing homes. Today, flock keeps 65 folks employed and aggregates over 6.5 million in business annually. All told all together, they manage over two billion dollars in real estate, and with her team, she built the companies one door at a time.

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