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Jan 2, 2023

Melanie Johnson co-owner of Elite Online Publishing, interviews Rachel Richter about how to realign yourself and your brand to achieve innovative success.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to start with alignment.
  • How to identify having misalignment.
  • How to implement alignment change.


"There are things that we can do that might be a bit misaligned that you might not know about. That is translating into things like unmet business needs. Or, lack of productive engagement." (04:52)

"If your intention does not align with the mission then it's really a question of why are you there to begin with? But a lot of times as long as the intention is mutually beneficial to what's being asked, then it's simply a way of plugging in and seeing and understanding." (13:01)

"Tech does not transform itself, people do. So neither do organizations. Organizations don't transform themselves, people do. So unless it works for the person, it's not gonna work for the group of people." (19:07)

About Rachel Richter:

Rachel Richter is the Founder and Managing Partner of INLIGN, the premier alignment advisory and coaching practice for leaders and teams seeking to create greater alignment and drive next-level results.

Rachel’s background includes innovating & delivering billions of dollars in value for shareholders and the public for over 15 years in both publicly traded companies and federal agencies. She delivered where many thought innovation or even agreement was impossible by leveraging her creativity and unique blend of EQ & IQ to secure buy-in and align stakeholders.

Rachel is one of few holistic mentors who dedicates time to support individuals in their journey to thrive while also working with organizations & teams through her advisory & coaching practice.

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