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Feb 6, 2023

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Sabrina Lloyd about how to become an extraordinary leader in all aspects of your life, from family to business and beyond.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to take steps to becoming a leader.
  • How to manage timing and sequence.
  • How to innovate in leadership.


"You'll see the first thing you need to do is become self-aware. You need to know yourself, and then you need to surround yourself with other great people so that you can learn and allow yourself to be mentored." (04:12)

"When you are a woman and you have a child, no one is going to be needed more than you. So timing and sequence matters a tremendous amount. This is why when I meet young people and they're talking about settling down, I'm like no. When you're young you work hard when you have the most energy." (11:14)

"I'm here to lead my life and I can't be so concerned about what you are thinking about me in this moment because this is my life and I have to push out what it is that I'm looking to create for myself." (18:30)

About Sabrina Lloyd:

Sabrina Lloyd is an entrepreneur, executive coach, and self-made millionaire. She leads with courage and strength and works to equip people with what they really need to succeed. Using the right tools and knowledge, She empowers people to become the courageous and strong leaders they were meant to be.

Sabrina started her career at American Income Life and quickly rose as a top 10 producer in her first year and went on to continuously break records. She is now the founder and CEO of L.L.O.Y.D. Agencies, which has been voted one of Chicago’s best places to work. L.L.O.Y.D. Agencies is one of the fastest growing AIL members and provides its members with executive training and leadership coaching. When she’s not working, Sabrina enjoys traveling, reading, and her car collection. and being with her three beautiful children.

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