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Aug 23, 2021

Jenn Foster, owner of Elite Online Publishing, interviews Anita Henderson, The Authors Midwife about her experience as a ghostwriter and how to write and publish a book of your own.

Known today as The Author’s Midwife, Anita is the CEO of The Write Image Consulting, LLC and creator of the Write Your Life™ Author Coaching Program. Her work with professionals and entrepreneurs has resulted in multiple award-winning books and has helped her clients improve their confidence in their ability to write a compelling, high-quality book and leverage it in their business or career.

After decades of working with decision makers, Anita realized one thing they all had in common—they were “secret agents.” These well-respected, knowledgeable leaders were experts in their fields, but no one knew it. So, she created Write Your Life—a detailed yet simple approach to help leaders create compelling prose, weave engaging stories, and explain processes and insights in a way that draws readers to want to work more closely with them.

Through years of research, study, and hob-nobbing with book publishing leaders, she honed her knowledge of what it takes to produce a high-quality book. Now, Anita coaches her clients on the process of writing and publishing their books with ease, and with an eye toward leveraging their book in their business or career.

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