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Sep 2, 2019

Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster interview expert Neal Benedict for tips and tricks about sales, marketing, and building high-performance sales organizations. Learn how to get more consistent sales with his unique module.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • The importance of building the processes and systems that are embedded into your organization, so that when you do need to go find new salespeople, you're not overly reliant on finding that diamond but, you're more reliant upon finding the right people for your organization that can fit into a structure that you've already built.
  • The difference between you and your competition for an example is really the difference between an inch. There's usually not a really wide gap between you and the people competing with you. So, when you talk about differentiation from a standpoint of you versus your competitors, you have to remember that it's a very small margin of differentiation that you go after.
  • Sales is a math and numbers game and that's why processes are really important.
  • Oftentimes it takes many contacts in order to get a client's trust built in this environment.
  • Learn how to make sure you're easy to do business with and that you're there when the client is ultimately ready to make that decision.
  • Make sure you have value messaging that your potential customers know the benefits and the value of your company and your services.
  • Objections aren't always a negative thing. Particularly, if they're later in the sales cycle objections tend to be a good buying signal because people are thinking through their purchase decision. People buy emotionally and then try to justify it with logic.
  • How to overcome objections from potential buyers:
    • The first thing you want to do understand it, not handle it.
    • Remember your value and why you stand apart as the specific person that will help them with their individual needs.
    • Help the client through a process of discovery. Discover what it is that they really need, and know that clients tend not to object to a discovery that they've gone through themselves.
    • Have systems in place, to begin with, because most of the objections can be covered and cleared up before they come up later on.
  • Critical to the sales process: Asking a lot of questions and active listening.

About Neal:

Neal helps business owners and sales leaders build high-performance sales organizations. He has a passion for helping small business. He also has significant global experience with an emphasis on Asia and with competence in China. Developing an effective sales team is challenging. Finding a sales manager to lead that team even more so. When the average tenure of an experienced VP of sales is less than 2 years and a surprising number of those sales managers fail to hit their goals, it’s clear that most companies need to take a different approach to sales leadership. That’s where Neal comes in. Neal and his team are experienced VPs of sales that function as outsourced (fractional) sales leaders. They assess, design and implement the key practices and tools (along with the people) that all sales organizations need in order to run efficiently and produce the best results. Neal helps companies grow quickly, increase profitability and build an effective sales discipline that is core to that company and its clients.

Reach out to Neal at or click to learn more about his book, Finding Diamonds: How to Succeed at Hiring and Retaining Salespeople.

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