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Dec 10, 2018

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson speak with John Rayner about how to become an influential speaker and how to boost your business 3-7X within 18 months. 

When planning a conference, finding a speaker who is the "best fit" is extremely important. Yet speakers are often chosen "sight unseen" (and "unheard").  That's why it is critical to invite a Speaker who has a wealth of experience, from large conference rooms to small breakout sessions.

John Rayner has been a professional conference speaker since 1998.  He has addressed audiences totaling more than 80,000 people across more than 15 countries.  
In addition, John is a Global Business Entrepreneur, who can share his real-world experience with the audience.  He has founded and led successful companies such as, Effective Communication, Genesis Juices and Lensun International.