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Aug 25, 2017

Lynda Transier - Suddenly Single - Divorce Advice. Elite Expert Insider Podcast with Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster - Lynda Transier is the Author of Suddenly Single Woman’s Guide to Surviving Divorce: Learn The Things No One Tells You. Get What You Deserve: Financial Security, Emotional & Physical Stability, Manage Expectations of Family & Friends. Learn More about Lynda at In the quest to survive an unwanted divorce, many roadblocks arise that blindside women, creating havoc and swamping their lives like feeder bands of rain in a hurricane. The hurdles may be legal, financial, relational, emotional, physical, or spiritual. As one who has been through it all, and walked with other women through it all, Lynda tells it like it is, helping women face their current reality, anticipate hidden potholes, grasp onto resources old and new, and hang on until their boat stops rocking. And it will stop rocking!