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Jan 9, 2023

Melanie Johnson co-owner of Elite Online Publishing, interviews Kristen Anderson about building up your brand and how she got into the business of lingerie.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to find your brands drive.
  • How to build your product in public.
  • How to build a sustainable fashion brand.


"So 67% of people are plus sized in the US right now as far as statistics go. So it's crazy that we don't cater more to that demographic." (4:23)

"The strategy that goes into your marketing is really important, and I think a lot of brands don't necessarily think about that as an important feature. It's about building the right content and dripping it out in the way that makes sense to the audience and tells a story that is compelling as well." (10:09)

"I think because apparel has been moving more towards sustainable materials, more sustainable fabrics. We're gonna wake up a little bit and people are gonna realize once they start making that move over that it's really hard to go back to polyester clothing and nylon clothing." (17:59)

About Kristen Anderson

Kristen thrives on designing and developing inclusive, fantastic-fitting, sustainably made swimwear and intimates. She enjoys positively impacting the way women feel going about their day with the garments they put on first.

In addition to her love for lingerie and all things lovely, she enjoys helping new fashion founders learn the industry while building their brands together from the ground up. Over her career, Kristen has played an instrumental role in numerous brands from initial concept through launch and beyond with sell-out success.

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