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Nov 21, 2023

Join Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing as they interview Jamie Mittelman, the founder of Flame Bearers. Discover how her dedication led to the creation of Flame Bearers, the first storytelling platform that elevates the voices of women Olympians and Paralympians from over 70 countries....

Nov 14, 2023

Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson co-owners of Elite Online Publishing, explore AI implementation, personal branding, mastering webinars, and innovative marketing strategies. Discover how to embrace new technologies and tell your unique story to elevate your business and brand.

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Nov 6, 2023

Join Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster with guest Mickey Kennedy, the founder of eReleases. Discover the secrets to crafting captivating press releases, making your news stand out in a crowded digital landscape, and leveraging the power of storytelling to connect with your audience. Mickey shares his journey from...